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There are lots of things that you can dislike about the appearance of your teeth, but for many people, it is their color that gives them the greatest cause for concern. Our teeth aren’t naturally all that white, and they definitely darken with age. This is because the enamel that covers our teeth is actually translucent, and it is the color of the inner layers showing through that give our teeth their predominant color. In addition, over time they can also become stained or discolored from the foods and drink we consume, as well as being affected by things like nicotine, which causes teeth to turn yellow.

Nevertheless, despite the natural color of our teeth not being bright white, there is no getting around the fact that white teeth are more desirable than ever. We think that people who have bright, light teeth are healthier, more attractive and successful and generally lead happier lives. Whilst there is no guarantee that this isn’t the case, this doesn’t stop us from coveting a Hollywood smile.

Whilst there are many products that claim to be able to improve the color of teeth, the truth is that none are more effective than opting for professional, in-office whitening.


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How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Differ From Other Solutions?

As the name suggests, professional in-office teeth whitening is carried out in our offices and every aspect of the process is performed and overseen by our experienced and qualified cosmetic dentist. This alone provides patients with a number of benefits. Firstly, the highest and most effective grade of bleaching agents can only be obtained and administered by a professional. The bleaching agents that we use are much stronger and more effective than those found in at-home and over the counter solutions meaning fewer sessions are needed to help you reach the color that you are looking for.

Secondly, the bleaching agent is applied by our dentist whilst you are sat in the comfort of our offices. We have greater visibility of your teeth and can ensure a consistent application that helps to ensure that you enjoy results that are more consistent than you are able to achieve at home.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening is a chemical process that removes stains and discoloration from the teeth and lightens them so that they appear whiter and brighter than before. Once the bleaching agent has been applied to your teeth, a light will be used to create a chemical reaction that will cause stain molecules to break down and disperse. During this time, you can relax with a book or listen to music. At the end of your session, all traces of the bleaching agent will be removed, and you will be able to go back to enjoying the rest of your day.

Will The Bleach Irritate My Gums And Make Them Sore?

Gum irritation is a common side effect of teeth whitening procedures. It occurs because some of the bleaching agents get onto the gum tissue and causes soreness. Fortunately, when you choose professional teeth whitening, we use special molds and covers to protect the soft tissues of your mouth, including your gums and lips, from the bleach to eliminate the risk of irritation.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Every patient is unique and exactly how many teeth whitening sessions you will need will vary depending on the initial color of your teeth, the shade you hope to achieve and how well your teeth respond to the treatment. We may be able to give you an approximation at your consultation. However, one thing is guaranteed – professional in-office whitening delivers the fastest, most effective and long-lasting results.

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