Same Day Dentistry

two dentists and a patient at an appointment

One of the most frustrating things about many dental treatments is the need to wait between dental appointments. While you will be fitted with temporary restorations so that you don’t lose the function of your teeth in the meantime, it is not the same as having your final smile completed straight away. It can also be difficult for busy patients to schedule time off of work or other commitments to attend multiple appointments with their dentist.

Fortunately, thanks to the latest technological advances, whether you are having crowns or dental implants, it is now possible to have your smile fully restored in the space of just one day.

How Does Same Day Dentistry Work?

Same day dentistry is made possible thanks to the use of cutting-edge CAD-CAM technology that enables our dentist to take digital images of your mouth rather than traditional putty molds, and send them directly to a computer manufacturing device that mills your new restoration on site the very same day. While you wait, our dentist can undertake any preparation work that is required. In the case of a dental crown this involves filing down your existing tooth to accept the new crown, or if you are having a gap filled with a dental implant, placing your titanium implant post which acts as the artificial root for your replacement tooth. Same day dentistry can also be used to create porcelain veneers, which are coverings that sit on the outer enamel of your teeth and hide any imperfections such as discoloration, staining, chips and cracks. While your veneers are being prepared, the enamel of your teeth will need to be filed down slightly so that the veneers sit flush to your teeth and look as natural as possible.

Benefits Of Same Day Dentistry

If you opt for same day dentistry, you will benefit from:

– Only needing to schedule time in your diary for one appointment

– No need to be without teeth

– A high-quality restoration that is created specifically for you and looks as natural and beautiful as a real tooth

– A fully restored smile the same day

– Ability to return to your usual day to day activities with your new smile

– Greater confidence in your appearance

– Better self-esteem

– Reduced anxiety about your smile

– Improved confidence in business and social situations

– You can eat, drink and use your teeth as normal immediately after your procedure

Am I A Good Candidate For Same Day Dentistry?

Before you can be recommended for any sort of dental treatment, including same day dentistry procedures, you will first need to attend a consultation appointment with our dental team who will assess your requirements. During this appointment we will also discuss our dental and medical history to determine if a same day treatment is the most suitable option for you.

If you are found to be a good candidate for same day dentistry, our dentist will speak to you about exactly what you can expect from your procedure.

If you are considering same day dental treatment and have further questions, we would be delighted to assist you. Please contact our offices with your query, or to schedule your consultation appointment.